How to Write the #1 Story Your Children and Grandchildren Want You to Write
  • Learn about the #1 story your children and grandchildren want you to write
  • Print a workbook within which you can write your story
  • Learn my two approaches that help beginners start writing
  • Learn which topics your readers will want you to include
  • Answer a predefined set of questions
  • Learn what you can do with your story once it's written
  • Expert guidance delivered via 12 lessons and 5 videos
  • Write your first story!

The Write It Now! Life Story Starter Workbook is a companion to the Life Story Starter Guide that you might have downloaded as a free gift from Sunday Dinner Stories. The Write It Now! Workbook and Minicourse gives beginner writers more detailed support to assist with the storytelling process.

Michelle Beckman



I'm Michelle Beckman. I'm the CEO and Chief Memoirist of Sunday Dinner Stories, a personal history and memoir company located in the United States.

I left my 25-year Information Technology career to help grateful people who want to know their loved ones and themselves on a deeper level. Together, we save their Legacies of Love—their beliefs, values, life lessons, and stories—as books and audio playlists so all generations of their families know they belong, have been heard, and will be remembered.

I'm excited to help you empower all generations of your family and your community, one story at a time.
You can find me with my family and friends in church pews, hanging out by the swim team pool, visiting retirement communities, scanning photographs, and talking about all things legacy, life story, and memoir throughout New England and online.